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Crown Works

A transformative and healing haircut

At Salon Kai we believe that hair is so much more than just bonds of keratin protein, melanin, and potential chemical + product build up. “Each strand is a tiny chronicle of every emotional, hormonal and nutritional experience,” says Andi Scarborough, owner of Framed Salon in Santa Monica and creator of the Crown Works treatment. “People with shoulder length hair are carrying with them the past 3 to 6 years of every sickness, setback, or traumatic incident.” 


It is our goal to see hairstyling and cutting on a deeper level. A new style, color or cut is so much more than just that. “In modern Western culture, while we may not have the conscious understanding of the spiritual impact of why we choose to cut our hair after big life changes like a graduation, or divorce, we still feel compelled to do so. In shamanic practice, there is a ceremony called a cutting of chords, a release of old energies, patterns, beliefs, and connections.” 


For many, visiting the salon is a very relaxing and meditative experience in itself. This may be a clients only time of the day to sit, be still and be engaged in comforting and healing touch. This is where the crown chakra healing segment of our service comes into play.


The crown chakra is our 7th chakra and exists at the top of the head. This is where we associate our connection to our higher self, spirituality, universal truth, and the world around us. Through the crown chakra we connect to God, Source, Spirit- however you feel comfortable defining this personally. If there is any congestion or blockage here one may associate with feelings of confusion, chronic indecision, and lack of focus. This can leave you feeling depressed and very disconnected. With our Crown Works Treatment, you will be lead through an extremely relaxing and healing ceremonial haircut. Along with your cut, you are not only getting rid of hair, you are getting rid of stuck and toxic bagage and negative energy.


Choosing a crown chakra + hair healing addition to your haircut will include a full body cleansing with sage or palo santo (sacred wood) smudging session. This will help set the tone for your treatment and invite only positive energy into our healing space. You will then enjoy a clarifying treatment to rid your hair of any emotional and chemical build up. This will include a crown chakra scalp massage. Before your cut you will be guided through a meditation and be given the chance to set an intention before your haircut. Maybe along with your cut, this is also a time to start fresh. Invite in new ideas, goals and an overall cleansed outlook and sense of well-being. 

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