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Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching with Kaila



Thank you for being here and showing interest in investing in your health. What brought me to coaching was the fact that I have been in a position myself where I was feeling very lost. My health was certainly not optimal. My digestion was very off. In general I felt very stuck. During this time there was nothing that modern western medicine could do for me. So, I prayed and I do believe I was guided towards the Holistic Health Practitioner that helped me more than anyone has ever helped me before. I left my safe, yet unfulfilling career, let go of fear, and took control of my life in a way that I never had before. Everything improved for me. My health, my diet, my outlook, my entire vibe shifted. I would love to be a guiding light for you on your journey and lead you towards the same sort of shifts.



My approach to coaching is one that is built upon the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and wellness. We are each unique individuals that require specific needs. I strongly feel that the missing link between being stuck in a rut and feeling your best is an individualized plan that fits your specific lifestyle. I work with my clients to achieve not only a more healthy relationship with diet, but also, career, spirituality, movement, and more. At our core, we know exactly what we need, sometimes we just need some guidance.


I offer free consultations where we review your health history and talk about what your goals and intentions are. From there we will work together to achieve things like, healthy and sustainable weight loss, balanced hormones, clear skin, better sleep, improved digestion, increased energy, and an all around more vibrant and happy lifestyle. 

Are we the right fit?


It’s important to note that implementing a holistic approach to healing takes time. Effort and commitment are required. If you’re open to the idea that small steps in the right direction create lasting change, then let’s get to work! There is no “quick fix” with the work that I guide my clients through. It’s also important to understand that I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. My knowledge of health and nutrition comes from evidence based research and through what I’ve experienced personally. If at any time I feel my client needs more in depth care and/or guidance I will suggest that they consult with a medical professional. 

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